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Β Hola! I am so excited that you’re interested in working with my shop.

Remember when the Twilight craze happened and everyone was buying up the Cullen crest pendants and the Edward dolls?

Well, we want your readers to have access to fun things like that, and we want your signed books to be accessible to all readers regardless of what country you or they reside in.

In 2019 I attended my very first Romance Author Mastermind and had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Jennifer Lynn Barnes speak on Fandoms and from there, the idea to form this shop was born.Β Β 

Bookish Buys is owned and operated by Daniela Romero, an indie author herself and we’re proud to say, we’re not like other book boxes. Where we differ is that we are not strictly focused on profit margins or exclusively looking at reader experience.

We are primarily focused on how our boxes, swag, and platform can help cultivate fandom for our included indie authors.

Here at bookish buys, we aim to accomplish two things.

To provide readers with exceptional stories they otherwise may not have stumbled across, and to provide participating authors with the opportunity to reach a very targeted group of readers while providing fun and unique items specific to their books to promote fandom for their novels.

If your goals align with ours, I encourage you to submit your interest in either being featured in one of our book crates or in having signed copies of your books carried in our shop. Please note our business model is to only ever offer signed books. We accomplish this for our international friends by utilizing clear book plates and/or signature pages.

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We also work with authors on wholesale custom orders and can assist in release box

and influencer box creation and fullfillment.

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