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Monthly Box Details


Bully Me Book Crate

Paperback: Until Tomorrow Comes by Adelaide Forrest (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: El Diablo/Mi Reina Chess Piece Enamel Pin

Paperback: Ruin by Caitlyn Dare (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Red Ridge Sinners Patch

Ebook: Hu$h Money by BL Mute

Swag: Run Bunny Lanyard

Ebook: Tarnished by Indie Black & Sienna Cousins

Swag: Hello Butterfly Mug

** Cartel Romance Die Cut Sticker


Bully Me Book Crate

Paperback: Hooked by Emily McIntire (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Gold tone cuff bracelet engraved with “Queen of the Ashes”

Paperback: Promises & Pomegranates by Sav. R Miller (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: 14oz insulated tumbler with book quote

Ebook: Crowned Crows of Thorne Point by Veronica Eden

Swag: Enamel Pin

Ebook: Bully Me by Selena

Swag: Darling Dolls Ballerina Pendant

** Dark Romance Die Cut Sticker


Rom Com Book Crate

Paperback: Brady Family Values Vol 1. by Lainey Davis (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Brady Boys Notebook

Paperback: Off Limits by Jerica MacMillan (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Marycliff University Mug

Ebook: I Crave You by CC Wood

Swag: Lemon Hot/Cold Pack

Ebook: Weekend Wife by Erin McCarthy

Swag: Unicorn Enamel Pin

** La Second Chance Romance Die Cut Sticker


Rom Com Book Crate

Paperback: Dr. Scandalous by J Saman (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Insulated TumblerΒ 

Paperback: Just not that into billionaires by Annika Martin (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Enamel Pin

Ebook: What I’m Looking For by Karen Grey

Swag: Holographic Keychain

Ebook: Blind Date with a book boyfriend by Lucy Eden

Swag: Book Tote

** Books & Tea Die Cut Sticker


Supernatural Book Crate

Paperback: The Stalking Dead by Eva Chase (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Stalking Dead Enamel Pin

Paperback: Wings of Fire by Stephanie Mirro (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Wings of Fire Mug

Ebook: Phoenix Burn by Karina Espinosa

Swag: Nightcrawlers Bottle Opener

Ebook: Wolf Rising by Sophie Davis

Swag: Gemini Pack Bath Salts

** El Shifter Romance Die Cut Sticker


Supernatural Book Crate

Paperback: Broken Mate by Jen L. Grey (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: Shifter Notebook

Paperback: Mated in Darkness by Carrie Ann Ryan (exclusive cover edition)

Swag: 8oz Insulated Tumbler

Ebook: A Vampire Possessed by LE Wilson

Swag: Mojo Enamel Pin

Ebook: Fates Fulfilled by Jules Barnard

Swag: Holographic Keychain

** Paranormal Romance Die Cut Sticker

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