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Meet the Brady family. They’re brilliant, brooding and barreling into relationships whether they like it or not.

If you love messy family dynamics, unforgettable characters, and sizzling chemistry, you’ll devour these three sexy, hilarious full-length novels, all in one convenient package.

Foundation: A Grouchy Geek Romance
Zack Brady doesn’t do relationships. He does calculations.

When his family engineering firm sends him to investigate a sinkhole at a client’s house, Zack feels a tremor in the foundation of his carefully calculated world.

Her name is Nicole Kennedy. She’s loud and crass, and has no time for nonsense. She certainly doesn’t have time for a mysterious trench swallowing her yard. To make matters worse, the grouchy engineer who shows up to fix it is the same jerk she’s forced to run beside during the corporate relay race her boss insisted she run.

Somewhere between jogging and poring over geotechnical engineering plans, Nicole and Zack feel the earth move. Can they overcome their past to build something meaningful?

Suspension: An Opposites Attract Romance
Liam Brady has no chill. He’s a guy who irons his underwear and checks people’s math for a living. When his family business hires a creative writer for a marketing project, he is not prepared to spend time with a woman who keeps candy in her pockets and always asks people uncomfortable questions.

Maddie Parker is barely holding it together. Laid off from her long-term newspaper job, she’s desperate to finance her health insurance. Insulin’s expensive, and when Maddie’s friend Nicole lands her a job writing about a group of grouchy engineers, Maddie signs on the dotted line.

While Liam shows her the ropes, Maddie pushes all his buttons. Actually, she starts to fantasize about unbuttoning Liam’s top button. Meanwhile, he can’t stop thinking about her red lips…even if she gets cracker crumbs in his car. A summer storm finally washes away their resistance to one another, but their night of passion has unexpected consequences.

Can Liam learn the difference between overbearing and caring? Can Maddie overcome her own fears about her diabetes to see herself through Liam’s eyes?

Inspection: A Silver Fox Romance
He closed off his heart when he lost his wife. She is trying to start fresh. Can they rekindle an old flame?

Kellen Brady is just fine, thank you. He runs his family business. He cooks family dinners and takes his vitamins. He even gets plenty of exercise. When his daughter suggests he needs to “get back out there,” Kellen brushes off her comment and gets back to his work instead. Safer that way.

Elizabeth Burns feels like she’s waking up from a 20-year sleep. Decades of infertility, then raising an Autistic teen have taken their toll, and when Elizabeth realizes her distant husband is also a dirtbag, she shakes off the fog and heads for a new home and a new life.

Elizabeth and her son move into a cute house in a cute neighborhood…directly across from her high school boyfriend. But Kellen Brady is a man now. A man with as much baggage as she’s got.

As they get to know each other again as neighbors, they start to wonder if their story together could have a new chapter. Can the two of them wade through these muddy waters together without risking heartbreak?

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