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Rules are all that keep us alive in my haven. I broke the most important one.

Ever since the great divide, when supernaturals emerged to take back the world, wolf shifters like me have lived in sheltered havens.

The celestials, winged gods who inhabit the sky realms above us, protect us as long as we follow the rules, and kill us if we don’t.

So when I refuse to accept my place as the pack’s scapegoat, they send an archangel to kill me. From the instant I see Samael, something burns between us. He’s as powerful as I am powerless, with authority no one can gainsay.

And he decides he’d rather take me than kill me.

Between his black wings that signal horrific amounts of mortal sin and his dark love of violence, I’m not sure being with him counts as being rescued.

Until I see the things he’s willing to do with his swords in order to protect me.

He insists he has ulterior motives and is only waiting for a mysterious favor, but Sam is far more than he appears on his beautiful surface.

And as we get closer on our dangerous journey, the heat between us grows hotter than hellfire. We both have hidden secrets, and they’re being pulled to the surface with every touch.

I might just be the subject of an ancient prophecy, destined to bring the world to balance. That is, if the ruthless gods trying to kill me don’t catch up first.

The Demon’s Pet is an epic fantasy romance with steam. No cliffhanger, 135,000 words. Fans of fantasy romance will love the possessive, ridiculously gorgeous anti-hero, strong heroine, scorching love scenes, thrilling action and elaborate, unique world-building that grabs hold of the reader and never lets go.


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