Empire of Hate Floral Special Edition Paperback – Rina Kent (bookplate) Imperfect



Please note: These will come with a Rina Kent bookplate.

These are the new special edition covers in paperback.


My boss. My enemy.

I escaped my life.
Leaving everything behind wasn’t easy, but I did it.
I turned the page and flew over the ocean.
This is my new beginning.
My new chapter.
My new book.
Or so I hoped before I met my new boss.
Daniel Sterling.
Rich as sin, illegally attractive, and the face of every magazine cover.
Oh, and the reason why I escaped in the first place.
I made his high school life hell.
He won’t stop until he gives me a taste of my own medicine.

Empire of Hate is a complete STANDALONE. No other books should be read prior to this.

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