Ivy League Liars by Grace Costello



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Teddy Jones is a one-upper.

We grew up across the street from each other, always competing. When I got into Brown, he got into Harvard. When I dropped out early, he went on to law school. And when I ended up in a string of bad relationships, he started dating my old high school bully.

So when Teddy challenges me to bring a suitable date to my sister’s wedding, I decide it’s my turn to be the one-upper. My date is a handsome, rich, successful Yale alumni. We met on Legacy, the exclusive dating app for Ivy Leaguers, and we’re madly in love. And he’d be perfect––if he actually existed.

Now I have six weeks to download the app and find Mr. Ivy League before Teddy catches me in a lie.

Ivy League Liars is a laugh-until-you-cry, enemies-to-lovers, closed-door romantic comedy that will keep you flipping through the pages and cheering on all of Emme’s mischievous high jinks.

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