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Miriam Feldman’s got a murder to solve, a mouthy golem to corral, and her name to clear. Quite frankly, she’s swamped.
My new gig as a fixer for the magic community is a lot like being a full-time mom to someone else’s kids… they get annoying faster but don’t respond to guilt trips. And sure, maybe I feel kind of grumpy and stabby about these irritating jobs, but that doesn’t mean I killed my latest client!

As far as the magic police are concerned, me and my wolf shifter friend Laurent might as well have “guilty of murder” tattooed on our foreheads. If we lose this fight, it’ll be a one-way trip to Deadman’s Island. Talk about a real buzzkill for our easy banter and deepening chemistry.

Even worse, the non-magic cops are also investigating the crime—and my ex-husband is the lead detective. This wasn’t how I meant to pop his cherry about the existence of magic, but the time for foreplay is over.
To unmask the real killer, I’ll have to navigate hidden agendas, lies, and the undead. But hey, I’ve faced worse; I used to be on the PTA.

Made in the Shade features a sassy, slow burn romance, and is perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Darynda Jones, and Shannon Mayer.

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