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When a shadow wizard with a dark past uncovers a supernatural conspiracy, he’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on the Fae who enslaved him!

I go by Crowley, no last name. The Fae took that from me when they tore me from my crib and turned me into a creature of blood and shadow.

My kidnappers raised me, taught me magic, and made me their Hound. For years I served them, venturing out from Underhill to do their bidding, stealing magical artifacts, hunting down their enemies, and spying on humankind.

But a cur can only be brought to heel for so long. I’ve broken my chains by betraying my adoptive mother, the powerful sorceress Fuamnach. Since then her assassins have been hunting me, and if I’m captured I’ll be taken back to Underhill to face a crueler fate than death.

So, I spend my days in my tower, conducting magical experiments to help me control the dark entity that Fuamnach grafted onto my soul. As for my nights, they’re spent capturing the deadliest of supernatural creatures. I must have ingredients for my research, after all.

Now, one of those creatures claims he witnessed my abduction. Yet, the supernatural races are a treacherous lot, and there’s little to convince me he’s telling the truth.

But if there’s even a remote chance that my family is alive and well…

I’ll cut a swathe of destruction through an army of Fae, if it means gaining back a piece of the humanity they stole from me.

My name is Crowley, and if I can’t have my life back, then vengeance will have to do.

Shade Cursed is the first entry in The Shadow Changeling Series, a Colin McCool Junkyard Druid spin-off series set in M.D. Massey’s Druidverse urban fantasy setting.

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