Shades of Fury by Heather Renee (signed with bookplate) + phone ring



There are several things I’ve always known growing up as the alpha’s daughter. The most important ones being:

1. My twin brother Cord was the perfect choice as successor to our father. Mostly because I wanted nothing to do with being an alpha-in-training.
2. I had two of the best friends a girl could ever ask for: Cord and Augie.

Then everything changed when my brother was murdered, and I found myself needing to prove to my father I was more than capable of finishing what Cord started.
When I’m sent to a meeting for alphas and their heirs, I quickly learn things are way worse than I ever thought. Especially when a cocky shifter forces his way into my life, making me second guess everything I ever believed.
If I can’t figure out who to let in and who to keep at bay, I could not only be risking my heart, but the people I love most in the world.
I’ve already lost my brother, and I’ll be damned if anyone else dies on my watch.

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