Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde



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Ash wanted a career filled with challenging mysteries.
She should have specified she didn’t mean her family.

When a murder scene reveals a connection to Ash’s father who abandoned her when she was thirteen, she’s stunned. He may be the key to stopping Chariot from achieving immortality.
The catch? He could be hiding anywhere in the world.
To make matters worse, Levi, Ash’s romantic entanglement and brand-new boss, has his first official case for her: helping his ex-girlfriend, a.k.a. Ash’s childhood tormentor.
No one ever said adulting was easy.
As secrets multiply and alliances get deadlier, Ash’s investigation takes her back into Hedon and into her own past. Cracking this case could reunite her family… or cost her everyone she holds dear.
Actual ghosts have nothing on the ghosts of her past.

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