Sterling Falls Series by S. Massery



Sterling Falls Series featuring Thief, Fighter, Rebel, and Queen by S. Massery

Discreet Paperback(s) – Unattached Bookplate

Blurb From Book 1:

How many bad choices can a girl make? Because they keep stacking up…

New to Sterling Falls, I witness the three owners of a lavish, masquerade fight club kill someone–and then they catch me.

When I refuse to leave town as they demand, I find myself on the receiving end of their ruthlessness. I have no choice but to turn to a greater evil for a loan just to survive.

Except I keep catching the attention of the club owners. And with their attention comes unwanted feelings: Attraction. Desire. Loathing.

Jace is cold and cruel, and he makes me fall at his feet when I’m at my lowest. But he intrigues me as much as he terrifies me.

Wolfe sees through my mask. Son of a biker gang leader, and a monster in his own right, I can’t help but feel oddly protected when I’m around him.

Sweet and charming Apollo… behind closed doors, he’s wicked. Addictive.

But the secrets surrounding them are dangerous. When I accidentally unravel them, it puts all of us in jeopardy.

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Thief, Fighter, Rebel, Queen


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