A Curated Monthly Book crate filled with supernatural surprises…

The Supernatural Book Crate is dedicated to spreading the love of fantasy and paranormal reads. Inside each book crate you will find three signed books in addition to 3-5 bookish inspired items. 

What’s so great about the supernatural book crate? 


Signed Paperbacks

Get NO LESS than THREE signed paperbacks in every book crate.

Bookish Swag

Receive 3-5 awesome PREMIUM SWAG items in every book crate.

Support the Community

Support the author community & find new one-click-worthy authors through the book crate.

It’s not hoarding if it’s books.

All new book crate orders are shipped the last two weeks of each month. Orders placed on or after the 20th of the previous month will be shipped one complete month later.

Example: If you place your order for a book crate on Dec 20th. Your first book crate will ship the month of February. If you place your order on December 15th, your first book crate will ship in January.

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$55.00 / month$625.00


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