Wolf Bound by Kayleigh King


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Ryker Weylyn was never the same after rogue wolves tragically killed his mate when he was young. Now bitter and angry at the world, he spends his days hunting down the monsters that took everything away from him.But when circumstances force him to return home after five years of being away he’s shocked to find that his mate is very much alive and breathing.

The only problem is she doesn’t remember him.

Pruitt Bailey always felt like she was missing something more than her memories and dead parents. The only thing she knows about her past is what she has learned from her Aunt. When they make the decision to move to Montana for a fresh start, Pruitt finally feels like she’s found where she belongs. And when Ryker shows up, she starts to feel like she’s found what’s been missing.

Pruitt quickly learns that her childhood isn’t what she thought it was and there are threats from her past lurking in the shadows ready to take everything she’s found away from her. When those threats make their intensions clear, Ryker and Pruitt must fight for each other and their love.

Will their bond be strong enough to save them?

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