Wolf Taken by Heather Renee (signed with bookplate) + wolf phone ring



Accepting fate is the only way forward.

I thought I knew what I needed, but all it took was one kidnapping and a near-death experience to show me how wrong I’d been. Wrong about my new life, the people in it, and who I was supposed to be.
I’m finally the supernatural I was meant to be—even if things hadn’t gone as planned. Now, it’s time to release my control and see what happens when I let go.

Losing Cait awoke a fear inside me I’d never known existed before. She’s become more than I ever expected and yet, nothing is working out how I wanted.
Trouble awaits us at every turn and the harder I try to protect Cait, the worse things seem to get. When left with no other choice, I’ll have to trust fate even as everything is falling apart around us.

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